This moment

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Religion and politics: no-go areas for schools in the spirit of the American concept of separation of church and state. However, the events in the U.S. offer a moment in which it is entirely appropriate to play a role.

A moment to:

  • Help our students make sense of what is happening in the U.S., from a non-partisan and dispassionate perspective,
  • Help our students with any emotions they may be feeling at the time, especially fear,
  • Educate our students on the good, the bad, and the ugly of a democratic system of government,
  • Make connections to what is happening right now to other moments in history, and
  • Come together as a community, rallying not around ideology, but around ASD’s Mission and our Core Values of respect, responsibility, integrity, compassion, and excellence.

Everything we do every day teaches character to young people, whether we intend to do so or not. Today (and the coming days and weeks) offers a multitude of teachable moments. I invite you to consider suspending the normal curriculum as you see fit, and use your good judgment to authentically seize this moment. 

Have a good day, a good weekend, and congratulations on completing the first week back in 2021.