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Essays on Paul’s page

Lebron James is today’s Mohammed Ali. It’s time to put that respect on his name.

Paul’s Seasonal Memoir

Fireflies Rise from the Rotten Grass (June 10-14)

The Praying Mantis Hatches (June 5-9)

The Time for Wheat (May 31 – June 4)

The Safflower Blossoms (May 26-30)

The Silk Worm Awakes and Eats the Mulberry (May 21-25)

Bamboo Shoots Appear (May 15-19)

The Earth Worms Rise (May 10-14)

The First Frogs Call (May 5-9)

Essays on Schooling

7 Things International Schools Can Do Now to be Antiracist.” Self-published. 2020.

What I no longer will be doing when it comes to child protection.” Blog. Council of International School (CIS). October, 2018.

Unconventional Strategies to Create Time and Space for School Leaders“. Blog. National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). March, 2018.

Mindful Leadership in Practice.” Head2Head, Academy for International School Heads (AISH), November, 2017.

“Teaching Race in Our Schools is More Important Than Ever.” Intersections. V1, p.15-18. 2015

Academic Integrity: A Case for Good Teaching”. Independent School Magazine, Summer. 2012

Teaching Innovation in Our Schools”. Unpublished.

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